USA Small Business

HRComputers is a one man owned and operated USA small business. Online store selling new and quality used computer hardware, parts, cables and accessories for a wide range of computers old to new. Your support of my USA small business is greatly appreciated! I look forward to a chance to earn your business and trust.

All items are shipped from USA. The HRComputers web-site is made and hosted in the USA.

HRComputers specializes in older, vintage and hard to find computer hardware, parts, cables and accessories. Find replacement computer hardware to fix a broken computer. Hardware and accessories to improve performance and bring new life into your computer. Low prices with top-notch customer service before and after any potential purchase. Contact me by e-mail at anytime to find correct hardware / part / cable / accessory for your computer or for any reason.

HRComputers stands for Honest Reliable Computers. I choose this name because I always want to provide honest reliable information / advice / recommendations before and after any potential purchase. Thorough accurate description of items listed for sale. All software and/or operating system for sale and installed on computer system is legal genuine software and is free from viruses, spyware, malware and adware. Whether purchasing new or used computer hardware or accessories, I want to make sure item will last. I test used computer hardware and accessories to make sure it works like new and do my best to make sure it will work for many years to come.

Computers systems are build to manufacturer specifications or better. Installed software is compatible with each other and the computer hardware it is installed on. I am here to help you find the correct replacement or add-on part. Also here to help with installation. You can e-mail at anytime with any questions or concerns you may have.

I stand by everything I sell. If you receive item not is the condition listed on website, you can return it for full refund.