HRComputers Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee

I want you to have a pleasant experience shopping at HRComputers. If for any reason you to not want to keep the item you bought at HRComputers upon delivery, simply return it for a full refund minus shipping cost. You will not be charged a restocking fee.

If item does not work upon delivery or a mistake was made in item's description, you can return it for a full refund including shipping. Item would be guaranteed by HRComputers and third-party secure payment processor PayPal's Buyer Protection Program.

If there’s a problem with a purchase, simply contact me and I will take care of it. You do not have trust that I will honor the satisfaction or money back guarantee. Third-party payment processor PayPal will enforce it. PayPal will put a hold on the payment until the issue is resolved. PayPal will investigate and stay involved every step of the way.