Shop for a new desktop computer power supply with ATX motherboard connection and various connectors. If you need any help identifying replacement power supply for your computer or have any questions, contact me using the e-mail form.

New ATX Computer Power Supply

DescriptionMotherboard ConnectionCD/DVD/Blu-ray & Hard Drive ConnectionFloppy SupportOtherPrice
Power Man 300 Watt20 & 24 Pin ATX3 SATA & 1 IDEYes3 4-Pin$34.99
NSpire 250 Watt with Intel Pentium 4 Support20-Pin ATX2 SATA & 4 IDEYes4-Pin$29.99
Seasonic 250 Watt microATX / SFX24-Pin mircoATX4 IDEYes4-Pin$29.99
Power Win 250 Watt20-Pin ATX4 IDEYes$29.99

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