Computer Cables

Shop for printer, video monitor, IDE, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, hard drive, floppy drive, mouse, keyboard and various other computer cables. If you need any help identifying the cable needed for you device or have any questions, contact me using the e-mail form. I have lots of different computer cables of various lengths not listed. If you do not see it here, you can request cable using the e-mail form.

Standard USB CableLengthConditionPrice
USB 2.0 Micro-B Cable3.25-FeetNew$0.99
USB 2.0 Mini-B Cable1.5-FeetNew$4.99
USB 2.0 Type-A to Type-B Cable9.8-FeetNew$9.99
USB 3.0 Cable12-FeetNew$9.99
USB 2.0 Extension Cable2-FeetNew$4.99
USB 2.0 Extenstion Cable10-FeetNew$9.99
USB 2.0 Active Repeater Extension Cable50-FeetNew$19.99

Rare USB CableLengthConditionPrice
USB to 25-pin Female Converter CableUsed$24.95

Printer / SCSI CableLengthConditionPrice
Parallel Printer Cable6 FeetNew$9.99
RS232 Extention Cable6 FeetNew$9.99
Parallel Printer Cable10 FeetUsed$19.99
RS232 Extention Cable15 FeetNew$44.99
Long 25-pin Male & 25-pin Female CableUsed$44.99
Very Long Parallel Printer CableUsed$44.99

Internet & Network CableLengthInterfaceConditionPrice
Internet & Network Cable8-FeetCat-6New$5.95
Internet & Network Cable10-FeetCat-6New$6.95
Internet & Network Cable25-FeetCat-6New$8.95
Internet & Network Cable50-FeetCat-5eNew$10.95
Internet & Network Cable100-FeetCat-5eNew$12.95
Duplex Fiber Optic Internet & Network Cable32.8-FeetFiber Optic 62.5/125New$19.95
Duplex Fiber Optic Internet & Network Cable16.4-FeetFiber Optic 62.5/125New$10.95
Duplex Fiber Optic Internet & Network Cable10-FeetFiber Optic 62.5/125New$9.95

SATA Cable (Hard Drive / Disk Drive Cable)LengthConditionPrice
SATA Cable19-InchNew$0.99
SATA Power to 4-Pin Molex Converter Adapter Cable6.5-InchNew$1.99
External USB to SATA Converter Adapter Cable16-InchNew$9.99

eSATA CableLengthConditionPrice
eSATA CableUsed$4.95

IDE Cable (Hard Drive / Disk / Floppy Drive Cable)ConditionPrice
18-Inch Round Floppy IDE CableNew$9.99
24-Inch Round IDE CableNew$9.99
36-Inch Round IDE CableNew$29.99
18-Inch IDE Cable & Floppy IDE Cable with 80-Conductor WireNew$7.99
18-Inch IDE Cable with 80-Conductor WireNew$5.99
22-Inch Floppy IDE CableNew$5.99
IDE CableUsed$4.99
IDE Cable with 80-Conductor WireUsed$4.99
IDE Cable SingleUsed$4.99
IDE Cable ShortUsed$4.99
Floppy IDE CableUsed$4.99

Video Monitor CableConditionPrice
VGA Monitor 9-pin Male CableUsed$6.95
VGA Monitor ExtentionUsed$6.95
RGB Monitor CableNew$14.99
9-Pin Monitor ExtentionNew$9.99
HDMI to DVI-D Converter CableNew$14.95

Keyboard / Mouse CableLengthConditionPrice
PS/2 Cable Extention5 FeetUsed$9.99
AT Extension Cable6 FeetUsed$9.99
AT Extension CableCoiledUsed$9.99
PS/2 Keyboard CableUsed$9.99

COM CableConditionPrice
9-pin Female to 9-pin Male Extention CableUsed$14.95

Power CordConditionPrice
Power CordUsed$1.99

Rare CableConditionPrice
25-pin Female to 9-pin Male Converter CableNew$24.95
25-pin Male to 9-pin Male Converter CableNew$24.95
25-pin Male to 9-pin Female Converter CableNew$24.95
Allen Tel CableNew$24.95
Allen Tel CableNew$24.95

Coax RG6 Cable (Cable Modem / HDTV Cable)ConditionPrice
RG6 Coax Cable - priced per footNew$1.55
RG6 Coax Cable 25 FeetNew$14.99
RG6 Coax Cable 50 FeetNew$24.99
RG6 Coax Cable 100 FeetNew$44.99