Custom Desktop Computer

Request a custom built desktop computer by how the computer will be used. Get a unique computer build for your needs. Only pay for the features you need. HRComputers custom built computers are a great option whether you need a basic computer for internet access or a fast high performance computer that will get the job done without delay.

I take pride in every computer I build. All parts will be compatible with each other and installed correctly with care. Operating system will be a fresh install with no trialware, bloatware, adware, spyware, malware, viruses or anything like that. Full version legal software.

Fill out one of the request forms and I will get back with you by e-mail. Use this form to request custom computer by what computer will be used for. Use Request by Hardware Specs Form to request custom computer by hardware specifics. Use the Cheap Form if you want a custom computer that will perform decently but give up some speed / performance to focus on receiving the cheapest possible price. You can leave any fields in the form blank you are unsure about.

What tasks will you be performing with this computer?

What will you be storing on this computer?

Speed Maximum speed on computer and application start-up. Maximum speed using applications.
Fast computer and application start-up. Maximum speed using applications.
Average speed during computer / application start-up and use.
Other :

How do you connect to the internet? Cable Modem / TV Cable Line
DSL / Digital Modem on Phone Line
No Internet

Hardware you want included. CD Drive
CD Burner
CD Drive and CD Burner
No CD Drive

DVD Drive
DVD Burner
DVD Drive and DVD Burner
No DVD Drive

Dial-up internet / fax modem
3(1/2) Floppy Disk Drive

Connection ports you want included. I am not sure about connection ports needed, give me standard.


USB minimum of
USB on front minimum of
PS/2 Older Keyboard / Mouse Port minimum of
COM 9-pin minimum of
Older Printer Port 25-pin minimum of
Older Video Game Controller Port 15-pin minimum of

Do you want software pre-installed?

Is there any special software that you use that this computer needs to be compatible with?

Any other information you want to include.

Time frame when you want your computer.

Price Range

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